Eve - (chava) is believed to mean "source of life". 

We introduce you MOTHER OF ALL - bold, feminine, empowering fashion.

MOTHER OF ALL is an evening wear brand, Based in Tel-Aviv,

established by Noa Pasternak and Golan Taub in 2018.

The collection is eternal by its nature and with a strong emphasis on elegant yet comfortable wear.

Eve- the first woman, is the main inspiration for Mother of All’s clientele- feminine,

strong, sexy and above all, bold enough to taste from the forbidden fruit.

The collection focuses mainly on dresses, and consists of tops, skirts and pants with a leaf element

symbolising Eve’s covering.

In a mashup of colors, flowing shapes and materials such as silk, satin and chiffon.

Designer Info

Golan Taub is an Israeli Fashion designer.

Studied at Shenkar - College of Engineering and Design.

Golan worked with Israeli designers and gained experience in luxurious houses such as Jonathan Saunders

and Tommy Hilfiger. Today he is the Designer and Founder of MOTHER OF ALL and TAUB - luxury accessories brand.